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D&O Enterprises, LLC

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About Us


In 1932, during a devastating economic depression in our country, James Pettinato, Sr., a 24-year old carpenter, dreaming of his own construction business, was awarded a contract to build a gasoline station in Scranton. With the help of only one co-worker the project was completed and his dream of launching a construction company became a reality. Over the years the company founded by Mr. Pettinato grew in size and stature, earning it a reputation for quality and value that helped make it one of the region’s leading construction firms.   While the name of the company has changed in conjunction with the generational ownership, throughout its history, D&O has consistently demonstrated the ability to adapt to both expanding client needs and innovations in the construction industry. In addition to its general construction contractor role, D&O’s services include Design/Build and Construction Management – all of which evolved from the total system concept historically offered by the Pettinato family.

Present Day D&O

Today, more than 80 years after the construction of that first project, D&O Enterprises, LLC is a multi-million dollar enterprise with extensive experience in educational, healthcare, industrial, commercial and multi-family construction.   The firm has always been, and continues to be family–owned, and is now woman-owned and operated as well, under the leadership of the third generation of Pettinatos. In addition to direct owner involvement, D&O features a staff of experienced professionals who devote hands-on attention to all facets of a project. The results are projects that progress smoothly from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting – on time and within budget.   Working together with our client and the other members of the construction team aids the client in getting better use of their existing facilities and more value for their construction expenditures.  

Core Principles

While management techniques have evolved and new technology is constantly being introduced, D&O’s philosophy remains the same as when James Pettinato, Sr., founded the company: 

Integrity – Pride in WorkmanshipCommitment to Excellence – Intense Loyalty to Clients. 

“To prosper in a market like this for the past 85 years, you need satisfied customers. It gives us great pride when we turn over a completed facility to our client so that our fellow citizens can live, learn, work, and even play right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. For us, it is a way of giving something back to a community that has put its trust in us.”   Robert W. Pettinato, Consultant, Former President